This document is designed to ensure the consistent management of patients with acute knee injuries across several sites. By acute knee injury I mean a significant traumatic incident likely to have caused disruption of the soft tissue or bones on the knee joint. Many patients with degenerative conditions present with acute onset of swelling after fairly trivial incidents, please see the section covering Knee Pain for help with these cases.

I have designed this area as a reference specifically for busy General Practitioners, Physiotherapist, Nurses  and other medical professionals. The information contained is advisory and should only be interpreted by those already trained to care for patients. There is a referral form with instruction for referral.

Each section has a navigation tree on the left with a searching facility. Please click the + to expand each section.  I have collected the text and pictures from a wide variety of sources, over many years and I welcome any suggestions for additions, amendments and notification of any typos!

Kind Regards

Gavin Holt MBChB FRCS (Ortho)

Consultant Hip & Knee Surgeon

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